Speedheat Underfloor Heating

How does Speedheat deal with warranty claims?

Speedheat underfloor heating is a maintenance free floor heating system that lasts a lifetime.
Speedheat offers a 7 year product AND installation warranty.

Do Speedheat thermostats have a warranty?

Speedheat offers a 2 year warranty on all thermostats.

Can Speedheat heaters be repaired?

Should you experience any problems with your heating system, contact us on the call centre number
0800 11 22 15.
The call centre consultant will ask a few questions to determine whether a service or support technician be sent out.
A booking will then be made with the relevant technician.
Speedheat gladly replaces thermostats that are still under warranty.
Should a repair be necessary on the heating system, the support technician will pinpoint where the fault is with our testing equipment.  The heater can often be repaired by lifting one tile only.
Speedheat will gladly replace under carpet and under laminate heating systems under warranty, should there be a factory fault.


How does Speedheat deal with complaints?

Speedheat stands for quality. This also includes proper handling of possible complaints. We can learn a lot from your complaints, experiences and suggestions and therefore we take your complaints seriously. You can lodge your complaint with the Speedheat consultant or report the matter by means of our contact form.
You may also contact us by telephone on our toll free number: 0800 11 22 15.