Speedheat Underfloor Heating

Fixed Installations

Heating systems installed under fixed floor coverings like ceramics, decorative screed and vinyl are usually referred to as fixed or wet applications.  The heaters are screeded in with a self levelling screed for these types of installations. 


Phase 1. Preparation

The Speedheat installer does all the planning and preparation to install the floor heating system.   The floor is also cleaned, free from dust and other products and prepared for the installation of the insulation.

Phase 2. Installing the floor insulation (optional)

The Speedheat installer applies the floor insulation evenly onto the subfloor. Floor insulation ensures that the Speedheat system averages four times faster warming-up times. 
Read more about floor insulation.

Phase 3. Installing the heating system

The heater is fitted on top of the floor insulation. An installation monitor is used to alert the installer of any damage to the element during the installation and tiling process.

Phase 4. Fitting and protecting

The installer fixes the heating to the floor and applies adhesive fibreglass mesh on top of the heating element.

Phase 5. Protective screed is applied

The self levelling screed is applied to prevent damage.

Phase 6. Final floor finish

The tiler or other flooring specialist can immediately get down to the floor and fit the desired final floor finish.

Phase7. Installing & programming the thermostat

The Speedheat installer comes by to install the thermostat. During this visit he programs the thermostat and explains how to use it correctly to suit your requirements. This will in most cases take place 3-4 weeks after the installation of the heating. Read more about thermostats.