Speedheat Underfloor Heating

Floor heating under carpets

Speedheat electric floor heating panels heat your carpets economically and safely.  They are quickly and easily installed under existing or new carpets. 

The diagram below shows a typical Speedheat under carpet floor build-up.

Similar to the under laminate heaters, the under carpet heaters are sandwiched between  a high quality PET reinforced aluminium foil and a woven PP layer.  The bottom layer (PET reinforced aluminium foil) is specially designed for even heat distribution and downward heat flow reduction, the top layer (woven PP layer) is specially designed to promote radiation, resulting in your carpets being heated evenly and effectively without overheating or hot spots.

A dry application (also known as removable installation) where the under carpet heating element is placed on top of  the underfelt or foam underlay, just underneath the carpet. The underfelt or foam underlay acts as an insulator reducing downward heat loss, increasing the efficiency of the heating system.

For heating smaller areas, we offer a range of under rug heaters and heated footmats. 

Visit our DIY website www.coldbuster.co.za.  These products can be bought direcly online.