Speedheat Underfloor Heating

Floor heating under decorative screed

A poured cement floor gives your home a contemporary and modern design appearance. The screed is a good choice for a household with children, pets or people with respiratory problems like asthma.  Speedheat floor heating is the best for your screed flooring; it compliments your modern design with no visible heaters, whilst contributing to a healthy environment by preventing circulation of airborne dust and other allergens. Polished screeds are also one of the best types of flooring for floor heating as they are very conductive.

The below diagram shows a typical Speedheat under screed floor build-up with insulation (10mm KlimaBoard).

The heating element is installed on top of insulation boards or insulated screed, and secured with adhesive fibreglass mesh, similar to the under tile installation. A protective screed is then applied and the floor is subsequently screeded. 

Insulation decreases downward heat loss into the cement slab, therefore increasing the efficiency and response time of your heating system.  Our insulation boards also act as a de-coupling membrane to reduce the potential for hairline expansion cracks.

Poured flooring suppliers are very satisfied with the Speedheat finish. The installer finishes the floor solid, neat and smooth.