Speedheat Underfloor Heating

Floor heating under laminate flooring

Speedheat electric floor heating heats your laminate floor safely, evenly and economically.

All Speedheat laminate installations include a floor probe for floor temperature limitation. The floor surface is limited to the maximum allowable temperature of 27 degrees (in accordance with the SA Wood and Laminate Association’s specifications).  This ensures that laminate flooring preserves and maintains its aesthetic appearance without buckling or warping.

The below diagram shows a typical Speedheat under wood/laminate floor build-up with insulation (10mm KlimaBoard). Floating bamboo flooring would have a similar floor build-up.

Our under laminate heaters are sandwiched between a high quality PET reinforced aluminium foil and a woven PP layer.  The bottom layer (PET reinforced aluminium foil) is specially designed for even heat distribution and downward heat flow reduction, the top layer (woven PP layer) is designed to promote radiation, resulting in your laminated floor being heated evenly and effectively.

This is a dry application (also known as a removable installation) where the heating element is placed just underneath the wood/laminate flooring on top of a foam underlay.  Insulation may be used on top of the screed to further decrease downward heat loss and  increase the performance of your heating system.