Speedheat Underfloor Heating

Professional installations

Our nationwide franchises ensure consistent quality installations and professional advice.

According to Speedheat, a neat and quick installation of your underfloor heating system is very important. In this way you experience minimal disruption which allows you to enjoy your Speedheat floor heating almost immediately. During renovation, cutting and chopping is not necessary most of the time. This saves an enormous amount of time and reduces the cleaning required afterwards.

Our heating advisors are knowledgeable, motivated and diligent. They give personal, customised and professional advice. They meticulously inspect the locations, assess heat loss areas, and listen to all your requirements. The installation can be planned in a flexible manner. Your Speedheat consultant arranges everything for you.

Because the heating element is super thin, a Speedheat installer requires a lot less materials like levelling screed or tile adhesive in order to finish the floor neatly. He finishes the floor solid and smooth. Floor finish installers are very pleased with the way Speedheat finishes the floor on top of the heating.
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Speedheat offers a 7 year product AND installation warranty for complete peace of mind!