Speedheat Underfloor Heating

Removable Installations

Heating systems installed underneath removable floor coverings like carpets and laminates are referred to as removeable or dry installations.  No self levelling screed is required over the heaters.

A foil strip heater is used for both under laminate and carpet installations.  The installations are quite similar except for the underlays used by the suppliers.


Phase 1. Preparation

The Speedheat installer does all the planning and preparation to install the floor heating system.   The floor is also cleaned, free from dust and other products and prepared for the installation of the insulation.


Phase 2. Installing the floor insulation (optional)

The Speedheat installer applies the floor insulation evenly onto the subfloor. Floor insulation ensures that the Speedheat system averages four times faster warming-up times. 
Read more about floor insulation.


Phase 3. Installing the foam underlay

Foam underlay is normally installed by the flooring company on top of the insulation. 

For under carpet installations, foam underlays called "Tredaire" are usually used which act as very good insulators.


Phase 4. Installing the heating system

The foil strip heater is unrolled on top of the foam underlay and secured.  An installation monitor is used to alert the installer of any damage to the element during the installation and tiling process.


Phase 5. The floor probe is placed.

The probe for floor temperature limitation is placed and connected.  This is used for under laminate installations to limit the floor temperature to 27 degrees (in accordance with the SA Wood and Laminate Association's specifications).  This ensures that the laminate flooring preserves and maintains its aesthetic appearance without buckling or warping. 

Floor temperature limitation is not necessary for under carpet installations.


Phase 6. Final floor finish

Laminate flooring or carpet is then installed directly on top of the foil strip heaters.


Phase7. Installing & programming the thermostat


The Speedheat installer comes by to install the thermostat. During this visit he programs the thermostat and explains how to use it correctly for your requirements.  Read more about thermostats.