Speedheat Underfloor Heating

Energy Saving

Speedheat underfloor heating systems are installed directly underneath the floor finish, creating a much quicker response time with reduced energy consumption!

Speedheat's quick response heating system is installed preferably with a layer of floor insulation directly underneath the heating system, on top of the finishing screed.  This makes the heating system even more responsive and economical as it further reduces energy wastage, due to minimal heat loss downwards into the concrete slab.

Very little energy is lost with Speedheat on top of the concrete slab.  This explains on demand heating with shorter warming up and cooling down times - heating when you need it!

Compare this to in-slab heating where the majority of the heat is initially used to heat the concrete slab and finishing screed (also known as storage heating).  This type of heating with a high thermal mass cannot respond quickly to changes in the thermostat settings or changing weather conditions, resulting in energy wastage.

The diagrams compare the heat losses with the different heating systems.

Like floor insulation, the choice of thermostat is equally responsible for the improvement of your comfort of living and the reduction in energy consumption.  With the multi-function programmable thermostat every room can be independently controlled according to your requirements only when needed. 

These principles combined, work in synergy to achieve a quick response heating system that is energy efficient.

Your Speedheat consultant will advise you on the best floor insulation and thermostat for your situation.