Speedheat Underfloor Heating

A Healthier living environment

Underfloor heating has a positive effect on the quality of indoor air.  Floor heating establishes temperature conditions that are less favourable in supporting mould, bacteria, viruses and dust mites, giving asthma sufferers a much healthier living environment.    

Underfloor heating does not dry the air the same way air heating does.  The lack of air movement reduces dry skin, eyes and dust circulating in the air, which is advantageous to people with allergies and respiratory conditions.

These basic qualities of underfloor heating systems make them ideally suited for healthcare institutions, schools and retirement villages.

Why is floor heating better than air heating?

With convection heating, the heaters warm the air in the room and not the people. This creates an air circulation whereby the warm air rises and the cold air goes down to the floor. The heated air has a low relative humidity and consequently dries out your skin. Evaporation means cooling, while we are trying to get warm - the opposite effect! The cold air draught along the floor causes cold feet. For this reason, you are tempted to increase the setting on the heater, which dries out the air even more and increases the energy consumption.

The heat from Speedheat is mainly radiant heat, which does not heat the air, but warms all solid objects and occupants in the room by means of infrared radiation from the floor. This type of heating feels more like the warmth from the sun.  It provides an even comfortable form of heat, with minimal convection, improving comfort levels.  Read more on comfort levels.

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