Speedheat Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating: 4 Energy Saving Facts

Did you know? 1kW of floor heating will be more efficient and cheaper to run than a 1 kW conventional heater, due to the even spread of radiant heat over the floor surface. Read more

1.  Lower air temperatures for the same comfort

The heat from floor heating is mainly radiant heat, which does not heat the air, but warms all solid objects and occupants in the room by means of infrared radiation from the floor.  This type of heating is like the warmth of the sun.   Compare this to being out on a sunny day, we are comfortably warm in a tee shirt even if the air is only 16 degrees Celsius.  

With the warmth emanating evenly from a radiant floor, the same comfort level can be experienced with the thermostat set at a lower temperature, compared to a convection heating system (reverse cycle air conditioners, oil foil-filled heaters etc.), saving on electrical bills.


2.  Blowing hot air cools us - The opposite effect! 

With convection (forced air heating), the heaters warm the air in the room and not the people.  This creates an air circulation whereby the warm air rises and the cold air goes down to the floor.  This air circulation causes drying of the skin as well as evaporative cooling.

The cold air draught along the floor causes cold feet.  For this reason, you increase the setting on the heater, which dries out the air even more and increases the energy consumption.  Read more


3.  Individual room control reduces energy usage

Most central heating systems have a single thermostat, meaning they are single zone systems.  The result is heating rooms that aren’t being used, or rooms facing direct sunlight becoming overheated while other rooms are inadequately heated.  

Individual room control means every room can be independently controlled.  This means improved heating efficiency, reduced energy wastage and optimum comfort levels. Read more on thermostats

4.  Correct installation of insulation reduces energy wastage

You can save up to 50% on running costs by installing proper flooring insulation with an electric floor heating system.

Floor insulation promoting heat flow upwards results in an increase in warming up time of your floor of up to 3 times! Warming up your home even faster and more economical!  Read more on floor insulation