Speedheat Underfloor Heating

Quick response underfloor heating

With an ultra-thin element installed directly underneath the floor finish, comfortable radiant heat can be felt within fifteen minutes after switching it on!

In the graph underneath one can see the warming-up times of conventional in-slab underfloor heating (blue), Speedheat without insulation (red), Speedheat with 3 mm cork insulation (yellow) as well as Speedheat with 10mm and 25mm KlimaBoard insulation. Speedheat with KlimaBoard floor insulation reaches it's set-point between 15-20 minutes, whereas it takes 18 hours before the floor with in-slab underfloor heating reaches this temperature. This means that in-slab underfloor heating must be left on all day to ensure a comfortable temperature at the times that you want it.

Click on the graphs to see a larger copy.

In the bar charts below you can see the difference in warming up times of the different systems. The bar clusters are for different powers per square metre. Obviously, all systems warm up quicker as more specific power is installed.

      Underfloor heating without insulation under the slab
      Underfloor heating with R1 insulation under the slab
      Speedheat without insulation under the slab
      Speedheat with 3 mm cork insulation directly underneath
      Speedheat with 10 mm KlimaBoard insulation underneath
      Speedheat with 25 mm KlimaBoard insulation underneath

Customised warming-up calculation

A Speedheat heating consultant can make a non-committal warming-up calculation for your situation. This calculation gives you insight in the warming-up time, the energy usage and shows the saving for each type of insulation. Every floor finish has specific properties and heating demands, be it cement flooring, vinyl, carpet, laminate, timber or e.g. pebble-resin flooring. The Speedheat heating consultant has an insulation and heating solution for every situation. Request a quotation.