Speedheat Underfloor Heating

Smartphone WiFi Thermostats

Smartphone wifi thermostats are the latest technology.

These thermostats can be controlled with your smartphone, from wherever you are!

Apps are available for Iphone, Android and Windows Mobile!

Read more on the neoStat-e model here:

NeoStat-e Userguide and Installation Instructions

NeoStat-e Specifications

You can easily control your heating system to suit your lifestyle with the following features:

Going out

When going out and not sure when you will return, use the Away function.  This will set all of your rooms into frost protect mode - ensuring your home is protected against frost.  On your way home, simply cancel the Away function to switch your heating back to its programmed mode.

Geo Location

Geo Location works by using your phones Location Services feature.  The Geo Location Feature will automatically reduce the temperature in your home when there is nobody home and increase the temperature for your return. 

Going away

When going away on holiday, simply enter the number of days you will be away, counting tomorrow as the first day.  Your heating will then be enabled on the day you arrive back home, so you get back to a nice warm home!


The standby function will turn the heating off in that room.  The room will still be protected against frost though, so the heating will be activated again should the temperature drop below your frost temperature setting. 

Comfort levels

With flexible comfort levels, you can have one temperature in the morning whilst you are getting ready for work, a lower temperature during the day whilst your are working, warmer in the evening whilst you are relaxing and a cooler temperature during the night whilst you are sleeping!


Other members of your family can also control your home heating by using the Share Feature.

Multi Home

You can control more than one home - perfect for holiday homes!