Speedheat Underfloor Heating

Floor insulation

Without floor insulation a great part of the heat created by the underfloor heaters is lost downwards into the concrete slab.  With floor insulation installed, most of the heat is reflected upwards, resulting in an increase in warming up speed of your floor of up to 3 times. Floor insulation improves your comfort and reduces energy wastage.

Speedheat advises three types of high quality insulation for renovations depending on the available build-up height:

KlimaBoard 5  mm:  your floor warms up 2.5 times faster!
10 mm: your floor warms up 3 times faster!
KlimaBoard 25 mm: your floor warms up 3 times faster!

For new builds, we recommend an in-screed insulation called GreenScreed.  Read more.

The advantages of floor insulation:

  • The reduction of downward heat losses
  • A faster response time and subsequent increased efficiency. 
  • Less energy wastage and a reduced impact on the environment. 
  • Effective de-coupler (reduces tensions from the sub-floor) and subsequent prevention of tile cracks.

National Thermal Insulation Association

For more information on thermal insulation, you may download the TIASA insulation guide.

Insulation advice

Every floor finish has specific properties and heating requirements. Whether it's screeds, PVC flooring, carpet, laminate, wood flooring, pebble floors etc., the Speedheat heating adviser has a perfect insulation and heating solution for every situation.
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