Floor Heating Benefits

When choosing a heating system for your home, electric floor heating is becoming more and more common and considered one of the safest and healthiest choices.

Warm floors improve thermal comfort in a room with healthier humidity levels and air quality.  It also provides safety for children to freely play on the floor.

Underfloor heating is a great heating choice for households looking to efficiently manage their energy usage and enjoy a better standard of overall comfort.

Under Floor Heating Systems Designed for Safety from Speedheat


Underfloor heating promotes a safe living environment for children and pets in your home.

No hot surfaces for children to touch, no risks of burning or electrical shock.

For this reason, floor heating is the preferred heating choice for many health institutions and retirement villages.

Speedheat complies with all applicable local and international safety and quality standards (IEC, CSA, UL).


Improved indoor air quality.

The lack of air movement reduces dust and allergens circulating in the air, which is advantageous to people with allergies and respiratory conditions.

Floor heating does not dry the air the way convection heating does.

Underfloor heating provides climatic conditions that reduce the growth of dust mites and moulds. 

Floor Heating Systems - Improved Living Comfort by Speedheat


Even, consistent temperature all around the room, no cold corners as is often the case when heating with a conventional free standing heater.

Individual room control with programmable and smart thermostats -manage your own temperature in your own space.

Improves circulation and may help relieve vascular related disorders experienced in colder weather.

Design Freedom with Floor Heating from Speedheat


Can be used with most types of flooring.

No aesthetic compromise on interior design or your choice of flooring.

The discreet, ultra thin element  design has minimum effect on floor build up levels. 

Heaters don't occupy wall or floor space.

Floor Heating All Round Comfort from Speedheat

Even, consistent temperature all around the room.

Heaters are hidden and silent.  No hot surfaces for children to touch.

Climatic conditions that reduce the growth of dust mites and moulds in the indoor environment. 

The heating systems are maintenance free.

Economical Floor Heating Systems from Speedheat

Because the floor itself is heated, your home retains heat much better than air heating which is evaporated rapidly.  

Comfort is reached at lower temperatures with radiant heating, reducing energy usage.


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