Floor Insulation

We recommend installing floor insulation with all our heating systems to further increase the efficiency of the heating system.

Without floor insulation a great part of the heat created by the underfloor heaters is lost downwards into the concrete slab.  Your home will warm up faster whilst reducing your energy consumption.

Our local brand, Four Seasons insulation, is dedicated to supplying eco-friendly insulation products compatible with Speedheat heating systems.  The thermal insulation product range is suitable for both new builds and renovations.

Floor Insulation Boards from Speedheat Floor Heating

Floor insulation boards

KlimaBoard® is a lightweight, reinforced floor insulation board made from extruded polystyrene.  Reinforced with fibreglass mesh and a cement slurry on both sides improves compressive strength and allows for effective application onto substrates. KlimaBoard® is available in different thicknesses, achieving different compressive strengths and R values.  Improvement in warming up times is noted.
Insulating Floor Screed from Speedheat

Insulating Screed

GreenRscreed® is a lightweight insulating floor screed which replaces conventional sand cement screed.

GreenRscreed® aggregate, made from 100% recycled EPS treated with a polymer additive, are mixed into builder’s screed as a sand replacement to achieve ideal thermal insulating properties.

This results in a lightweight insulating finishing screed, with soundproofing properties, making it especially suitable for new buildings and multi-storey buildings.  GreenRscreed® is also used to insulate flat roof slab structures.


Reduces downward heat losses.

Improved response time and overall performance of heating system.

Reduces energy consumption.


Environmentally friendly.

Less energy wastage and a reduced impact on the environment

GreenRscreed made from 100% recycled EPS aggregate.


Effective decoupler from substrate - cracks will not travel through to your flooring.

Sound proofing qualities.

GreenRscreed is 85% weight saving compared to normal sand cement.


More effective than R1 insulation under the slab as specified by SANS 204:2011.

100% recycleable.


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