Speedheat in Antarctica

In 2016 Speedheat RSA was given the opportunity to be the specified supplier of floor heating for the upgrade of  the SANAE IV research station Antarctica.

The floor heating systems were highly customized by our heating engineers to accommodate extreme weather conditions and the thermal insulation specifications that would be installed in the research station.  The heating contractor that was travelling with the SA crew was given specific training by Speedheat RSA on how to correctly install these heating systems.

SANAE is the South African National Antarctic Expedition. The name refers both to the overwintering bases (numbered in Roman numerals, e.g. SANAE IV). The current base, SANAE IV, is located at Vesleskarvet in Queen Maud Land, Antarctica. Summer teams comprise administrative and maintenance personnel, helicopter crew and scientists from various countries and can be up to 100 people. Overwintering teams consist of scientists and support personnel from South Africa, typically totalling 10 members in recent years.

The research programme at the SANAE IV base is carried out under the auspices of the South African National Antarctic Programme (SANAP).

SANAE IV Research Station - Heating by Speedheat Floor Heating
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