Speedheat Underfloor Heating

About Us

The Speedheat Generation 4 floor heating system was originally designed by two Dutch engineers, Pieter Jansens and Paul de Pont in 1986.

It differed from other floor heating solutions on the market in its amazingly slim design, which does not affect floor levels.  The simple yet elegant heating elements drastically improved the standard of quality and durability of these types of systems. 

The products are locally manufactured by Klimax Mfg. (Pty) Ltd. (formerly TERMO 2000), whose quality management systems are ISO 9001:2008 certified.  We comply with all applicable local and international standards (IEC, CSA, UL).

Speedheat began expanding its franchises to the rest of the country in 1993, becoming a FASA member.  Today, while proudly remaining a South African company we have operations in many parts of the world including:  Europe, Australia and North America.

Strongly Focused on Environmental Sustainability

In a world experiencing adverse climate change due to increased pollution and CO₂ emissions, it would be irresponsible for us as a company to create a product that leaves anything but the smallest environmental footprint, both in the energy it consumes during operation, as well as the materials and commodities used in manufacturing and installation.

A Global Leader in Domestic and Commercial Heating

Industry leaders for 30 years, Speedheat floor heating have successfully completed many local and international projects, allowing us to gain valuable experience to perfect our skills and knowledge.  Refer to our reference projects for a list of these completed projects.

Our products are regularly improved and updated to the latest technology whilst maintaining high quality standards.

Our client focused approach only intensifies as we grow larger and our increasingly sophisticated system allows us to give our customers not only the highest quality products, but service that is super-fast and reliable.